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The Third session of  Sino-French Cultural Exchange Week Blossoms in ZISU


On the afternoon of October 23rd, the third session of the Sino-French cultural exchange week organized by the school of European Languages and Culture was wonderfully opened. Deputy secretary Zhao Fa attended the opening ceremony and gave a warm guide to this international cultural exchange activity. The opening ceremony attracted teachers and students from brother college and university of Xiaoheshan area to come to watch. During the opening ceremony, Zhao Fa gave a warm welcome to French guests coming afar, he hoped the students could make full use of the Week to communicate, enhance friendship and the ability to use language and cultural attainment in a lively learning atmosphere. In the end, he wished the Sino-French cultural exchange week could achieve a complete success.



Dr. Meng Yuqiu, director of the French Department, conducted simultaneous interpretation on Zhao Fa’s speech.




Subsequently, flash mob Whistle, which is passionate and dynamic, won the applause of the audience, and officially opened the third session of the Sino French cultural exchange. Both Chinese and French students have performed wonderful programs. For example, Chinese students performed “deep in the soul”, which is a Chinese and French poetry recitation with calligraphy show, instrumental ensemble "one step", Shaoxing opera “visit wife in mulberry garden”, martial arts "Chinese Wuhun" and Hanfu dance "the dream". Those splendid shows gave French students full opportunity to appreciate the charm of Chinese culture. The French students sang elaborately prepared famous French song "Santiano" and "Les Champs Lys", and Emma Marie Ngawong, a French student, sang as the leading singer in the song "love on top" “Cup Song” and gospel music "This is the Day ".




After the opening ceremony, led by the pair students, French teachers and students tasted on-site China snacks such as "grains pancake” and “volcano stone roasted sausage”, wine and refreshment etc in the Chinese food and culture exhibition area. They also experienced traditional Chinese culture activities, such as Hanfu, mask painting, tea and flower ceremony, and seal carving. Chinese and French students also competed in table tennis, shuttlecock, rope, tug of war and other sports activities.



In the process of exchange, the friendship between Chinese and French students continues to heat up, and in the activities their language communication ability was improved. In the following week, ZISU will hold a series of activities, such as lectures on Chinese and Western cultural differences, Chinese lessons and Chinese traditional culture experience class.




Leaders and teachers of Chinese Bridge-France fall camp, directors from Department of Students Supportive Services, Office of Teaching Affairs, Division of International Exchanges and Cooperation and leaders from each school attended the opening ceremony with the students.