Zhejiang International Studies University

Three teachers of ZISU were selected in Zhejiang 151 Talents Cultivation Project of 2016


Recently, Zhejiang Human Resources and Social Security Department publicized the 2016 annual list of candidates for the 151 talents cultivation project, and professor Zhang Huanzhou of ZISU was selected as first level expert for cultivation, associate professor Mao Zhenhua and professor Song Haiying were selected as the second level expert for cultivation.


In recent years, ZISU attached great importance to personnel training, selected and cultivated a group of young teachers through the implementation of high level talents training plan, and encouraged them to concentrate on study and be dedicated to educate students by giving financial and policy support, in order to promote their growth.


Up to now, 39 teachers from ZISU have been selected in provincial and above high-level talents cultivation project, including one teacher being selected in national new century talents project, two teachers being selected as first level experts of provincial 151 talent cultivation project, 8 teachers being selected as the second level experts, and 25 teachers being selected as the third level experts. High level talent cultivation program plays an important role in the cultivation of young teachers, innovative team building and professional development for teachers.