Zhejiang International Studies University

Getting Ready for the Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation


 On February 23th, a mobilization meeting on the preparation for the undergraduate teaching evaluation was convened in ZISU, with Xuan Yong, the Party secretary, Hong Gang, the president, other school leaders, all the staff and student representatives in attendance. Cao Renqing, the deputy president, presided over this conference. 

In accordance with the overall deployment of this assessment, ZISU will meet the challenge of being evaluated from June 5th to 8th. This assessment is closely related to the prospective development and even the destiny of this school, the vital interests of the staff and students. However, there has been only 101 days left for preparation from now on, during which time what has to be finished is the rectification of the school and the construction of the infrastructure. This means that our school has been on a tight schedule to deal with heavy tasks and undertake great responsibilities. Taking into account the top priority of doing a good job in this evaluation, Xuan Yong motivated all present in inspiring words to the effect that "seeking unity of thought and raising awareness", "specifying the mission and approaching it in order" and "fulfilling the responsibilities and carrying them forward gradually". 

Xuan emphasized, “All of us should be aware of the vital importance of the qualification assess by reaching consensus and deepening our understanding. As we refer to the index system of this assessment, the first 'short slab' is that we still lack recognition of the importance and the urgency of the assessment. We need to seek unity in thinking and deepen the understanding in three aspects. First and foremost, qualification evaluation is the overall inspect of a school.As the national quality authentication of undergraduate education covering a wide range of evolution, this assessment is an overall inspect of our education capability, quality and level since our school had been established sixty years ago and transformed seven years ago. It is also an ordeal of the overall strengths of our school. Secondly, appraisal is not for its own purpose but for the  improvement of the quality of education, designed to find out the problems and to narrow the gaps. We have to put an end to the malady in our educational practice, make up with the drawbacks and facilitate the development. Thirdly, this appraisal is closely related to the personal interests of each one in this school. Our success and failure in this formal assessment determines our future destiny. The final result is open to the public, with strong social influence and orientation. If we are successful, it means our school’s quality has been recognized, which is foothold for us to establish our profile in the society. Furthermore, it can be the reason why the candidates and parents choose our school. Only when we withstand this test and break through this block, can we continue to move on to the long march of building an undergraduate school featuring foreign languages and exceptional quality.”


Xuan stressed that “we should make tasks specified and approach them in order and get fully prepared for this assessment. Facing arduous tasks and heavy workloads, we are on a tight schedule, for the reason that there are many projects to be rectified and implemented. To make sure that all these projects will be carried out, we need to switch our focus to the preparation for this inspection, integrating manpower, material together with financial resources into this focus. To be specific, first we must implement the Fifteen Commandments of ZISU based on the Ten Commandments for higher schools. We have teased out the fifteen shortcomings troubling our school. According to the requirements of the Ten Commandments put forward by Secretary Xia, we have to promptly work out solutions to remedy these weaknesses. We should complete what can be done or improved before the arrival of evaluating experts of the Ministry of Education. Second, we must grasp the spirit of the documents through earnest study in order to carry out the scheme. We need to organize the whole school to carefully study The Notification of Implementing the Evaluation of the Undergraduate Teaching Qualification and Self-assessment and Self-improvement Work Program to the Evaluation of the Undergraduate Teaching Qualification. Everyone, as a participant, a contributor as well as a subject, should make it clear that why the school needs evaluating, what should be evaluated, how to be evaluated, and understand what he or she should do, what could be done and how to achieve it. Third, we should strengthen the publicity through broadening channels, and create a sound atmosphere catering for this evaluation. Organizations at all levels should further arrive at consensus, boost morale and strengthen confidence. The school leadership should be the first to finish “Four Reports” (on work, incorruptibility, law and morality) and “Two Reports” (on work and incorruptibility). The main leaders are supposed to  personally and gently give publicity to this evaluation work by category and through reason and empathy. Such publicity from various channels can facilitate creating a positive ambience that everyone become well aware of this appraisal, everyone is concerned about this assessment and everyone behaves as a contributor of it. 


Xuan stressed that the responsibilities should be carried out step by step and that everyone should participate in the evaluation work to form a strong bond. The whole school must take immediate action practically and strenuously and become the working team in this evaluation work. Firstly, it is necessary to decompose the responsibilities and implement them at each level. Party organizations at all levels should implement the requirements of the governing party comprehensively and strictly and extend the party construction work to the evaluation work. Each Party branch and each Party member should play leading roles in this vital evaluation work, show the progressiveness of the Party organizations and their members  through pioneering and role model. Secondly, it is vital to make joint efforts and form the joint strength. The evaluation, as the top priority of the school, needs the participation of the whole school. The subjects of this evaluation are all the students and teaching staff in ZISU, so every department, every school and every person here ought to set up an overall awareness and obey the unified arrangement of the school with devotion and dedication. It should be particularly emphasized here that every faculty could be the place where the highlight as well as the biggest loophole may lie. Thus, it is significant for every faculty to pay close attention to this work and improve it by addressing the specific problems. Thirdly, it is significant to strengthen the examination and draw a clear line between rewards and punishment. Depending on the evaluation office, the school leaders will supervise the evaluation work and establish duty charging system, in order to make sure that each respect of the work done for this evaluation should be implemented to the letter.


Xuan called on all the students and teaching staff to put their hands to the plough in the countdown to the evaluation work. Under the guidance of the spirit of the Provincial Universities’ Ideological and Political Work Meeting, everyone should carry out the basic task of establishing a moral model and cultivating talents, promote the development of this school with its own characteristic, overcome difficulties to win this battle together with flying colors and repay the concern and support from the society .
Hong Gang made a report to mobilize everyone on campus to participate in the evaluation work. He explained the contents, index system and the importance of this qualification  evaluation. Meanwhile, he summarized the existing problems in the evaluation work and arranged the tasks for the next phase.

Hong hoped that the school should fully understand the significance of passing this evaluation and spare on efforts to prepare for it. The qualification demands that the school should highlight the cultivation of the practical undergraduate talents who can serve for the local economic and social development. The specific meaning of this evaluation to our school is embodied in several parts: the teaching condition basically reaches the standard, the management of the school is basically regularized, and the quality of teaching is basically guaranteed. At the same time, it will promote an increasing input of education fund, improve the schooling condition, regulate the school management and enhance the teaching quality. Finally, it will lead the school to build and ameliorate the inner quality-guaranteed system step by step, thus establishing an enduring effective mechanism which could improve the teaching quality.

During the meeting, the teacher and student representatives as well as those standing for every faculty stated their opinions vigorously and made their resolutions that they should take their responsibility to make this evaluation work successful.
                                                       (English Press Corps    Chen Yuyi  & Zhu Shenxiao)