Zhejiang International Studies University

Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation in ZISU


From June 5th to 8th, the experts for Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation of Ministry of Education inspected and evaluated ZISU, which consists of nine members and headed by Professor Li Rushou, former president of Hubei College of Arts and Sciences.On the morning of June 5th, the school leaders held a meet-and-greet with the experts.Li Rushou, the head of the expert group, took the chair.All experts, Party secretary Xuan Yong, President Hong Gang, and other leaders of ZISU attended the meeting along with the leaders of teaching units and functional departments.



Xuan Yong expressed his warm welcome and sincere greetings to the experts.He introduced leaders of ZISU, and pointed out that ZISU will fully cooperate with the experts with a serious and responsible attitude in full spirit. He also sincerely hoped that the experts could made valuable comments and suggestions for ZISU.



Hong Gang gave a brief account and explanation of the undergraduate education of ZISU.He introduced its historical evolution, the characteristic achievements in the past seven years, and the new vision in "13th Five-Year" period to the experts, and made additional remarks on some individual data of "data analysis report" and "self-assessment report".



Li Rushou introduced members of the panel.He pointed out that education assessment is an important measure to evaluate, supervise, guarantee and improve the quality of teaching, which is also an important component of the quality guarantee system of high education in our country. Teaching evaluation for newly founded undergraduate colleges and universities is one mode of education assessment. He hoped thatduring the inspection period, ZISU will carry out the work in a normal mindset, participating in and coordinating the evaluation with an open attitude of learning. Based on the index system of undergraduate teaching evaluation, expert group will inspect in a serious, realistic, objective and impartial attitude. The assessment will fulfill its function of diagnosis, consultation and services, which is in accordance with its principle in serving the university and being responsible to the country.



After the meet-and-greet, the expert group inspected the display area of eight teaching units, promenade of world famous painting, exhibition area of students' learning from Xi Jinping, experience room of different languages and cultures, recording laboratory of education experimental center, local folk art laboratory, international volunteer training center, work exhibition of students and teachers of School of Arts and some teaching venues and facilities.



Then, the experts will conduct a four-day long comprehensive inspection about undergraduate education and related situation of ZISU by visiting classes, interviews, on-site visits, seminars, assessing papers, and consulting relevant information.