Zhejiang International Studies University

ZISU Held the 2018 Annual Meeting

On 7th March, the 2018 annual meeting was held in ZISU with the University leaders in attendance. Party secretary, Xuan Yong, presided over the meeting, visioning the development and prospect of ZISU and putting forward the requirements for future work. President Hong Gang summarized the key work done in 2017 and deployed the main tasks to be completed in 2018. Members of school’s communist committee attend the meeting.

Xuan pointed out that the past 2017 was the year of cornerstone for the 13th five-year plan and the year met the requirement of undergraduate teaching from the education department. He also emphasized that the keynote of this year's work was to deepen the reform comprehensively and to improve education quality.

Xuan put forward three requirements for the school work in 2018. First, the energy needed to be focused on the main idea of “reformation” to promote the work of the whole year. From the perspective of the party, country, the development strategy of our province and school itself, “reformation” was still the main theme and the key to promote the work in important areas. This year had marked the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, and the whole nation was under a strong atmosphere of putting the guiding principles, from our 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, into action and deepening reforms. In this way, it was of great significance and has far-reaching impact to deepen general reform on campus which must sufficiently embody systematisms and integrity to lay the foundation for the Party Congress and better further work.

Second, it’s important to focus on the key points of the reform and the breakthrough of the work. The general election of middle-level leadership and leading cadres was supposed to be taken as an opportunity to implement the reform work and realize the transformation of the organs’ functions. It’s necessary to strengthen the departments and the college, especially to improve the self-management and self-development ability of the secondary colleges and departments. The role of “human” should give its full play. Service capability shall be improved, the construction of Party be enhanced and the priority of annual assignment be grasped.

Third, it’s essential to lift spirits and absorb in learning, comprehensive research and grasp of implementation in all areas with an enthusiastic mind. It’s imperative to take studying Xi Jinping's socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and the spirits of the 19th National Congress as the primary task for the present and future. This year, to carry out comprehensive research, every member of ZISU's leadership of the Communist Party of China leads relevant departments to work from the reality of different fields, meet the demands of people and find corresponding measures of major issues related to overall situation. Furthermore, to carry out implementation, ZISU would set up two systems of assessment. One was a special assessment system to accomplish key assignments of comprehensive reformation. The other was an assessment system on the responsibility of middle-level on-tenure leadership in order to better promote the implementation of work.

Xuan stressed that one-sixth of 2018 had passed. Time and tide waits for no man. He hoped that all the faculty should be in high spirits to make good use of every moment. They should undertake the mission with bravery and broaden their horizons to innovate with the determination of finding paths in face of difficulties, the strength and the persistence of devoting themselves to hard work.

Hong Gang made a brief summery on the work in 2017. He said, with the support and care of superior leaders, the work planed at the beginning of 2017 was well completed.

Hong also comprehensively deployed the work target in 2018, that is, 2018 was a year that ZISU comprehensively deepened the reform and carried the task practicably, a year to prepare the Party Congress. In addition,the Year 2018 played an important role in“13th Five-Year Plan”.

Hong stressed that six aspects should be taken seriously this year. First of all, it’s important to thoroughly study the new thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in new area led by Xi Jinping, implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, uphold the authority with resolution and unify the leadership of the Party Central Committee. Secondly, it’s supposed to strengthen and improve the party’s leadership of school work and practically, implement the requirements of party discipline. Thirdly, the school must further promote the comprehensive reform and constantly stimulate the education vitality.

Besides, it’s important to strengthen the ideological and political construction and promote the education work. Finally, it’s better to show our own special characteristics of education and raise the level of internationalization of education.

School leaders retired recently, all middle-level cadres, senior professional technical personnel and other officials attended this meeting.

From English Press Corps